Chanterelles a l’Orange
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TIP: Smooth Chanterelles (Cantharellus lateritius) are easy to spot in the summer forests of Illinois. Their flowerlike shape and bold orange color, along with the smooth to faintly wrinkled cap undersurface, helps identify this species. Although mushroom lovers agree the flavor of Smooth Chanterelles is mild, it remains a widely collected chanterelle due to its showy appeal in dishes and widespread availability in summer.
This recipe adds big, zesty flavors to perfectly frame and support the otherwise delicate flavor.
Nature is filled with tempting, wild matches when it comes to pairing flavors in the kitchen. The bright, citrus-orange mushroom known as the Smooth Chanterelle begs the culinary question: Would real orange flavor work here? You bet. Not only does a hint of orange electrify the mild flavor of Smooth Chanterelles, it makes this spicy combination of two oranges an overwhelming surprise for mushroom lovers who used to dismiss Smooth Chanterelles as culinary weaklings. Chef Sorensen marinates the chanterelles for a few minutes in orange jam, soy sauce and chili pepper, does a quick stir-fry with shredded lettuce and Chinese noodles--then tops everything off with fanned slices of pan-seared Muscovy duck breast to create this brilliant summer classic.  Cantharellus%20lateritius.htmlshapeimage_5_link_0
Serve just the chanterelles as an appetizer!
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Smooth Chanterelles
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