Firefly Mushroom Brunch
Chef Niall Campbell ~ Firefly Grill ~ Effingham, Illinois
TIP: Fresh Morels are a spring essential for wild foragers everywhere. Some morel species have a stronger flavor than others--Black Morels have the strongest flavor. When it comes to selecting the right morel for this recipe, know that any morel species will match perfectly with almost any egg dish.
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Eggs and mushrooms go together so well, everything from chanterelles to truffles make exquisitely perfect complements for the versatile and ever-compatible egg. They’re a natural match, which makes this mushroom-and-poached-egg breakfast a hearty, morning prerequisite for wild mushroom foragers everywhere. In the spring, mushroom hunters go crazy for a single mushroom: The morel--it’s the most treasured of all spring mushrooms, and it occurs only during spring. 
Morel madness kicks off our wild mushroom hunting season in Illinois, and even if you haven’t yet found morels this year, one doesn’t actually need those sponge-capped treasures to create this richly layered breakfast-brunch offering. One doesn’t even need chicken eggs. In fact, Chef Campbell demonstrates the flexible possibilities of mushrooms and eggs by cooking here with organic shiitake, Oyster and Trumpet Oyster Mushrooms--plus duck eggs. But you’ll want to use fresh-picked morels, if you’ve been lucky enough to find a few. Once you taste morels, you’ll understand why they’re the undisputed king of spring mushrooms.
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Morchella elata You’re invited!
Join us at the Firefly Grill Oct. 14, 2010 for a special mushroom wine dinner celebrating incredible fall mushrooms!