Dried Wild Mushrooms are available in specialty stores--but they’re often gritty and require careful straining after being reconstituted. The best dried mushrooms are the ones you harvested yourself, then brushed or rinsed clean before drying and storing in air-tight jars.
Black Trumpet Dip
Serves 10-20
TIP: Some people use a blender to transform this dip into a super-rich mushroom sauce for steaks, prime rib or filet mignon. As a dip, you’ll want to leave the mixture a little chunky to showcase the ingredients. Also try serving the dip on a cracker with smoked salmon or smoked scallops.
3/4 cup dried Black Trumpet mushrooms  
3 Button Mushrooms diced
1 cup heavy cream or half and half
4 bricks (8 oz. ea.) cream cheese
3 Tbsp. blue cheese or Gorgonzola
salt and pepper to taste
For commercially harvested, dried Black Trumpets, soak the mushrooms in just enough cold water to cover, allowing the dirt to fall away, then carefully remove the clean mushrooms. (You can freeze and save the strained liquid for other projects.)
Crush or chop the Black Trumpets. In a small sauce pan, add Black Trumpets, diced Button Mushrooms and cream. Bring to a light simmer over a medium heat, stirring occasionally, until cream is bubbly and mushrooms are tender. In a large mixing bowl, combine cream and mushrooms with cream cheese and blue cheese (or Gorgonzola). Salt and pepper to taste. Serve warm or chilled.
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