Wild Mushroom Paella
Chef Eugene Lee Conway    ~     Conway’s Catering Company Maryville, Illinois
TIP: Summer chanterelles add wildly colorful accents to this classic Spanish party dish. Plenty of different colorful, edible wild mushrooms are available in the summer forests around Illinois, so don’t hesitate to use whatever is available to create this celebration of the bright season. This saffron-flavored rice dish often features shellfish or meat, but our version is deliciously vegetarian.
A bottle of Spanish wine--two are better--will please all, especially as friends show up for your wild summer paella party.
Just like our American jambalaya, a Spanish paella--traditionally cooked in a big pan over a wood fire--is one of those flexible rice dishes that welcomes virtually any new twist. The rice is always flavored with a golden pinch of one essential luxury: authentic saffron. After that, the rules of paella encourage diversity. Chef Conway adds here a mix of wild summer mushrooms, including the peppery zing of the Red Chanterelle, to make this vegetarian-friendly dish that can easily be modified to include seafood or meatier choices. more sizzle.

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