Three-Way Salmon with Morels, Black Trumpets and Summer Truffles
Chef Lasse Sorensen    ~     Tom’s Place DeSoto, Illinois
TIP: Black Trumpets can be found in the wilds of Illinois starting in late May in the south--continuing nearly all summer when rains are plentiful. Dried Black Trumpets reconstitute exceptionally well and can be used for this recipe. Summer Truffles (Tuber aestivum) do not grow in Illinois but can be found through specialty food suppliers where they are relatively affordable compared with their high-end relatives.
Just when the last of the fresh morels fade away from northern Illinois, a few lucky mushroom hunters find their first Black Trumpets of the season in southern Illinois. In a good year, a dedicated mushroom hunter can hit the road and bring home both seasonal delicacies fresh for this exquisite, North-meets-South pairing. Chef Lasse Sorensen at Tom’s Place in DeSoto, Illinois added one more luxury--the first of the Italian summer truffles--to create this trio of salmon dishes featuring Yellow Morels over grilled salmon, Black Trumpets with smoked salmon and pickled Italian summer truffles with baked salmon--all served together as one wildly inventive entree. more sizzle.
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