King Bolete Souffle
Assistant Chef Ross Kelly   ~     Tom’s Place
Desoto, Illinois USA                 (618) 867-3033
TIP: King Boletes (Boletus edulis) do not grow wild in Illinois. Mushroom hunters find them during the summer in the mountains, and in cool northern forests worldwide. It has many names: Porcini. Cep. Steinpilz. Karl Johann. Everybody agrees, regardless of their tongue, this robust-stemmed wild mushroom officially known as Boletus edulis is the most prized of the world’s bolete species. And while the flavor can vary from mild to supremely savory, know that European varieties have the best reputation. Dried  Boletus edulis works perfectly well for this recipe--or substitute your choice of fresh wild mushrooms. Store-bought Button Mushrooms also work perfectly well. It’s a versatile opportunity to discover the souffle.
Before summer is gone, you’ll want to throw at least one more back yard dinner party, and you know why. If you’re an experienced mushroom hunter, you realize the greatest diversity and abundance of fresh wild mushrooms appears not in the spring, during morel season, but right as summer vanishes. Outdoors is the place to be for this event, and you know why. It might be the last back yard party you can enjoy this year because everything outdoors is about to change. 
Here’s one change: Don’t fire up the tired grill. The joy of summer barbecue season has run its course. Yes, grilling outdoors is the expected summer tradition and a rite of bravery for flame-seared chefs everywhere.
But not anymore. To be able to carry the airy weightlessness of a wild mushroom souffle out to your guests on a warm late-summer evening will be a startling upgrade from the expected backyard fare of scorched ears of corn and dry burgers. For the backyard dinner guests, even those no-nonsense faithful out there right now drinking cold beer, all will soon forget all about grilled whatever as they openly state their new love for souffle.
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