Basic chicken salad is a summer staple. For mushroom lovers, here’s a wild twist: Add meaty slices of cooked Chicken Mushroom to your favorite chicken salad recipe. Experienced mushroom hunters know the texture and flavor of both “chickens” are excellent matches. For this recipe, Chef Fontana simmers this colorful mushroom in chicken stock, then mixes strips of the savory woodland prize into a medley of celery, walnuts and grapes with equal portions of yogurt and mayonnaise. Season it to taste.
“If you’ve got a personal favorite chicken salad recipe in your family,” Fontana encourages, “go for it!”
Chicken Mushroom 
Chef Mark Fontana        Bogey’s at Stone Creek 
                        Makanda, Illinois
TIP: Two species of Chicken Mushroom appear in Illinois between spring and fall: One species grows on wood and has a bright yellow undersurface. The other usually appears at the base of an oak or near rotting stumps and features a bone-white undersurface. LEARN MORE ABOUT THESE MUSHROOMS
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