Illinois mushroom recipes
Mushrooms are more than just common ingredients. Some mushrooms, such as morels, are absolute treasures in a recipe. 
We’ve gathered here a sampling of original wild mushroom recipes from our new book “Edible Wild Mushrooms of Illinois and Surrounding States” (2009 University of Illinois Press). PLUS we’ll be adding exclusive seasonal recipes from some of the best restaurants in Illinois, as well as down-home favorites from mushroom lovers just like you.      
more sizzle. Black Trumpet Dip
Winter  2009-10
Spring 2010
Firefly Mushroom Brunch
Summer 2010
Chanterelles a l’Orange
Oyster Mushroom Bisque
Fall-Winter 2010 Summer Mushroom Loaf
Summer 2011
King Bolete souffle
Summer -Fall 2011